Why the Silence?

It has been a long time, since I wrote another post. I have been quite busy with presentations in High Schools, Book Clubs, Rotary and Probus clubs, Libraries, Historic Society’s and some Church gatherings. It remains difficult for me to speak and show the power points with the stark pictures of long-ago experiences.

Because of circumstances, I did two presentations in one week and needed quite some time to recover from the intense tiredness I felt.

Not physical because of strenuous work, just in my mind and thoughts.

From now on, one presentation a week is enough; but I am grateful for the full glass of wine waiting for me at home. It is easier now in the summer—every one is on vacation or has plans to enjoy leisure time and the fine weather. September will come soon enough and requests for presentations are already booked. I apologize to my faithful blog followers, and ask for your patience, for soon enough you will be able to follow the answers I owe to so many of you asking “what happened next?” Thank you so much for your interests and replies and ongoing support – you have encouraged me to continue with what I find so important and need.


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