Christmas is only a few days away. Preparations for that celebration are everywhere: hurried people trying to find and buy their last-minute presents; long line-ups of women in the stores buying and preparing for the guests they welcome Christmas Eve; bright lights twinkling in the night, nestled among snowy pine trees; teasing peeks of decorated living rooms seen through windows; and the sounds of Christmas songs, so familiar, that we don’t even notice them anymore.

Yet each year I feel something missing. I ask myself what that is?

What is the true meaning of Christmas? The true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of an incredible act of love. The true meaning of Christmas is proof of the eternal yearning of God for the surrender of mankind.

Despite knowing Jesus was not born on December 25, we continue to celebrate his birth. Our joy is the essence of his arrival – the Son of God, the savior of all who truly believe in Him, whatever you conceive Him to be. For without his birth and the sacrifice of his tortured death we would still be lost.

Jesus is real. His birth is the soul of the Christmas message. With every celebration of his birth, no matter the date, we are inspired to help, to give, to love, to forgive and to act. To make right what was wrong and repair what is broken.

To recognize the true meaning of Christmas with incredible gifts of love.




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